Welcome to Regalord´s American Akitas page!

Regalord´s Akitas is small american akita breeder in Porvoo, Finland. Our aim is to breed balanced and healty american akitas. Who are suitable for familypets or if you are interested of competitions for those also. Our own dogs and puppies lives indoors with our family. At home we have four american akitas who have succsess in showrings. They are Inuline Lordi, Kallionahteen Kreivi, Anshee Lights Camera Action and Tähekiir Grey Gillian. You can read more about our american akitas in their own page  American Akitas

What is an American Akita?

Large, powerful, alert, with much substance and heavy bone. The broad head, forming a blunt triangle, with deep muzzle, small eyes and erect ears carried forward in line with back of neck, is characteristic of the breed. The large, curled tail, balancing the broad head, is also characteristic of the breed.

Breed Standard